I was a journalist and editor for half a decade, before moving into freelance/contract writing and editing. This opened me up to other roles including content management, website design, course creation, facilitation, and more. See my portfolio of past work, some companies and organisations I’ve worked with, and other info here.

After seven years of working remotely with clients worldwide, I’ve whittled the services I provide down to a specific selection:

  • Content development/management (for websites, courses, graphic design, video, etc).
  • Story Mentorship/Developmental Editing (for writers – select age categories and genres).
  • Contributing/guest writer for websites/blogs (specific topics only).
  • Design Tutoring (Canva Teach 45-min Sessions).
  • Services Facilitation/Outsourcing (working with quality service providers across industries).

For more information or to submit your project for consideration, please fill out my Services Form. To take my 37-min copywriting course on Skillshare, click here. To return to my site anytime, bookmark this page.

Please note: Sometimes I take on projects that are not listed in the services on this page (example: agent/publisher research, etc). To ask about about a service that’s not listed here, use my services form.

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