The Wardens Series (S01E03: Lust) – 2012

Chapter 23

Members often referred to the original documents when they were searching, hoping really, that something which could help a current case had been missed when uploaded to the database. So far Zach had been unsuccessful in finding anything that pointed them any closer to a location where Kaleb or his clan could be currently hiding out, a fact that made more than a few people nervous. He looked up, startled as Damian brought his face closer to his, pointing an accusing finger at him.

            “You listen here, we couldn’t tell her before and now she knows, don’t you go on beating yourself up like a Nancy losing the queen of the show title, buck up and suck it up.”

Always inspiring, Zach thought and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Instead he nodded, saying more confidently than he felt, “I’m good, she can’t run forever.”

Damian smiled, satisfied with his response. “There’s a good lad,” he said and took a long gulp of his coffee, then swore as it burnt his tongue going down.

Zach barely noticed, intrigued by what he was learning. “Did you know the Reshu clan bid for the right to lead the clans in the 1500s? The bid was rebuked by the other clans in a vote of no confidence, no wonder they’re so pissed,” he said aloud as he flipped the pages of the document before him.

Damian had moved back to his desk and didn’t look up from his typing as he responded, “I’m more concerned with ‘ow they’re turning the males, the scientists ‘ave been running tests on the ones we captured, but nothing’s turned up yet. It’ll be a bloody mess if we don’t catch them before the Gathering. No telling what they’ll do.”

Zach was about to respond when the high-pitched ringing of the phone on his desk stopped him. He answered, “This is Zach.” Zach nodded, his expression slowly becoming more serious, “Send him up, we’ll meet him.” Hearing this, Damian looked at him enquiringly, especially curious as Zach had already stood and was shrugging into his jacket.

He answered the silent question, “Jacob’s on his way up.”

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