The Wardens Series (S01E03: Lust) – 2012

Chapter 30

“You fucking bitch,” Erin said when she’d caught herself a bit. “You planned this whole thing and I fell for it. Fuck!”

Jiao gave Erin a broad smile, obviously pleased with herself. She stepped over Meihui’s body, looking down at it with fake pity. “Still as lovely as ever. Really, it makes my skin crawl,” she said coldly.

Erin tried to drag her arms away from the incubus, but paused, struck by his spell as he whispered into her ear. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, the tongue unfamiliar to her, but the words melted her. His tongue flickered out and touched her neck and ow powerless to resist the advances, she gasped at the sensation.

Jiao laughed, “Oh how the mighty have fallen. You’ve cleared a path for me little warden. You know, I’ve never liked you Praesidium types, always so high and mighty and telling us what we can and cannot do. Won’t you be surprised at the Gathering.”

Erin perked up, fighting her body as she tried to think straight. “The Gathering? What are you planning Jiao?”

Jiao smiled, letting her hand trace the outline of Erin’s face. Erin shivered with pleasure, hating herself for it. “It’s not what I’m planning, more like we.”

Erin’s mind raced. Kaleb had said something similar about the Reshu clan. What the hell’s going on? she wondered. “Do what you want with me, it doesn’t matter, I’ve already placed the binding spell and Containment will be here soon.”

Jiao threw back her head and laughed. “We’ll just have to change that then won’t we?” she replied with a cocky grin, then authoritatively, “Hiang.”

The incubus who held her whispered again, this time deep in her neck and held her tight around her waist. His energy touched her in places she wished it wouldn’t and closing her eyes, Erin soon found herself repeating the removal spell.

  “See, that wasn’t so hard,” Jiao said.

Erin, nearly breathless, replied, “You think they won’t find you Jiao? There’s no getting away with this.”

  Jiao touched her face again, “I already have.” With that she nodded at Hiang and Erin felt him hold her tighter, caressing her body and leaving her weak as he took from her essence. She moaned reluctantly and fell limp in his arms, feeling the breath being swept from her. Erin was starting to feel her knees buckle, when she heard Jiao shout out in alarm. She opened her eyes wearily to see Jiao was running towards what she now observed was a hidden door in the room.

Meihui wasn’t lying about that either, she thought absently. She heard breaking bones and then she was falling, her head hitting the padded floor first. She touched the chiffon, feeling it softer than anything else she’d ever felt and closed her eyes, her breaths coming short and laboured.

            “I will protect you my love, do not fear,” came a voice from above and suddenly Erin was floating, at least that’s what it felt like. She glided on air with two strong arms about her and rested her head against the familiar chest. The scent of earth and rain trapped in the soft wool made her smile in the darkness of her own mind, comforting her as she felt herself die.

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