The Wardens Series (S01E02: Howl) – 2012

Chapter 12

Zach sighed heavily as he left yet another house with a resident who ‘didn’t want to get involved’. He’d been canvassing the suburban neighbourhoods for close to two hours and so far, didn’t have a solid lead yet. As he made the rounds in Forest Hill, an affluent neighbourhood with lots of trees, well-kept lawns and houses that screamed wealth, he wondered how Erin was faring at Containment Unit 4 and for a moment was envious that she’d get to catch up with Greek and Matthew.

The director had been clear, he wanted Erin side-lined as much as possible in this latest job, especially after the scare with her stabbing. Zach wasn’t sure how he was supposed to do that but figured he could start by keeping her indoors while he took to the streets, a job he hated.

            He was posing as a detective for the Toronto Police Service and though his already immaculate appearance sold the charade, he hated the itchy suit and tie he’d had to put on. Despite all this, no one was talking. Five nights before there had been numerous reports of strange, wolf-like howling, disturbing the peace and almost simultaneously, dismembered bodies had begun to turn up. Now though, residents were keen on saying they’d had their televisions up too loud, or they were having bad dreams. Something else had caused them to change their tunes, but Zach wasn’t sure what it could be.

            Usually when werewolves attacked and the wardens were called in, you couldn’t get people to shut up about their experiences. Onlookers too terrified to believe what they were seeing or the few who managed to escape, were always adamant on the way events played out. Almost as if containment had already come in and wiped everyone’s memories, Zach thought for the hundredth time since starting his rounds.

He knocked on another door, smile in place, “Morning mam,” he said with forced cheerfulness and a bright smile as after a few moments an elderly woman peered out. He flashed his fake badge, “Detective Williams, TPS. We got some reports of a disturbance some nights ago?” Zach knew his try at the Canadian accent wasn’t the best – Erin was the master with accents – but thought it passed for the moment at least.

            “Oh, that was my grandson’s video music. It gets loud and all the neighbours complain,” she said haltingly and laughed.

            “Are you sure mam? The reports were about strange noises, like an animal maybe?” Zach saw something flicker in her eyes, but it happened too quickly for him to figure out what it was.

            “Oh no, no animals here, except for my cat Grummels. Here, I’ll get him for you.”

            “No, it’s alright mam, you have a nice day.” He turned to walk away.

            “It’s probably best,” she called, “Grummels isn’t well. He’s scared of the wolves and won’t go outside.”

Zach paused and turned on his heel. “Wolves?” The old lady smiled happily at his renewed interest,

            “Yes, yes, they come by all dressed up for Halloween with my grandson, he went as a sailor once you know.”

Zach shelved his irritation at the old woman’s confusion. “I’m sure he did,” he turned away again, but not before he saw a glimpse of a figure standing behind the old woman. “Must be the grandson,” he said to himself.

A new thought began to form as he made his way to the next house. What if there’s really a cover up going on here? Would explain how residents who’d called emergency services the day before, were acting as though nothing happened. It would also explain why Jacob had given him and Erin the case in Kentucky, even though at least four other wardens were involved already.

            Jacob was a highly respected member of the supernatural realm, who sometimes tipped the organisation off on matters regarding rogue creatures. He had a special interest in Erin, though Zach was yet to uncover the reason why. It was yet another secret he’d had to keep from his partner and though he knew why he had to, it didn’t make it any less of a burden. They spent more time together than with any others and it made Zach uneasy to hide such important information from her. He turned into another driveway, wondering why he’d decided to park the rental and walk, when his cell phone rang.

            “This is Zach,”

            “Yea it’s me,” Erin sounded almost breathless on the other end.

            “Hope you’re having more luck than I am, feels like one dead end after another.”

            “When can you get back here?” Erin asked, ignoring his complaint.

            “I’ve a few more houses on this block then I can head back.”

            “Forget about them, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.” Worry fuelled her tone, but after hours of canvassing, Zach wasn’t yet ready to give up with nothing to show for it.

            “Bigger than possibly finding someone who could give us a lead in this case? Something’s wrong here Erin I can feel it, but I won’t get anywhere if I just drop everything.”

Erin’s tone harshened, “Okay stay there and if you never get the chance to see a male werewolf again, remember this moment.”

            “A male what?” Zach shouted into the receiver, but Erin had already hung up.

Continue to Chapter 13 . . .

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