The Wardens Universe

As of November 2020, The Wardens Universe (TWU) consists of The Wardens Series, Praesidium’s Orphans, Erin’s Origins, The Wardens Series Pilot (script), and individual short tales happening within the universe. The world and its stories are conceptualised and written by me, Jackie Jones. Learn about TWU below :).

The Series

The Wardens Series introduces you to The Wardens Universe (TWU). So far there are two episodic seasons, each have five episodes, and individually are novella length.

Wardens Erin and Zach hunt in countries and cities worldwide, resulting in action-packed, culturally-diverse episodes.

TWU Races

Praesidium’s Orphans follows Luca and his team of two other teen wardens-in-training. It’s their last year and tests are more challenging than ever before. This story’s unreleased. Read Chapter 1: Wendigo.

Erin’s Origins & Praesidium’s Orphans

Both these stories have younger characters at their cores.

Erin’s Origins is a prequel story featuring The Wardens Series star Erin as a young girl, still living in Barbados. It captures the early moments of Erin wielding a power she won’t understand for years. The story won a gold award for literary arts in Barbados’ National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA), and is featured in their Winning Words Anthology 2013/2014. Read it here.

A Journey In Covers

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the early covers from when the series was first self-published in 2013. They were all commissioned between 2013 – 2014 for season 1. The covers are in the order that they would have appeared :).

To pick an episode from the series, visit my Fiction page.

TWU Destinations
The Wardens Series Pilot

The Wardens Series 60 minute pilot primarily takes its story from S01. I’m as much a fan of scripts following the exact path of stories I’ve loved as the next guy. That said, sometimes there must be changes for screen adaptation. I’ve done this as well and there are a couple scenes inspired from S02, to help viewers understand why certain things happen a bit faster. Here’s a behind-the-scenes screenshot of one of the early reading drafts:

What’s New

Stories in The Wardens Universe have always had a parallel to our own. It leads you to question if this is all actually happening in your backyard. Probably is. The Wardens Series S03 is in development in a new format. That begins with S03E11: Fall. I’ve also been working on short stories and a couple other projects that aren’t obviously set in this universe – but they are. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look:

Click to Read

The Wardens Series (First editions)S01E01: Skins; S01E02: Howl; S01E03: Lust; S01E04: Taken; S01E05: Cemetery Party; S02E06: Home; S02E07: Blood & Stone; S02E08: Alliances; S02E09: Debt; S02E10: Upside Down.

Other TWU Stories/ExcerptsErin’s Origins; Praesidium’s Orphans (Chapter 1: Wendigo).

To purchase personalised, signed digital copies of any available episodes, contact me with your request. Special edition books will be available in 2021. While you wait, click the pic to download The Wardens Series S01 & S02 Blue Bookmark :).

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For more info, questions, or comments, share below or contact me :).

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2 thoughts on “The Wardens Universe

  1. The wardens series is amazing ,i cannot stop myself from reading and i love the kind use of literature as it helps me understand better as well as learn a new vocabulary altogether since english is my 2 nd language
    Im loving the story line as well as the way the episodes seem to flow into each other
    Please continue writing more amaizing stories

    1. Hi Rita!
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. Your comment made my evening :D!

      It’s great to hear it’s helping you with your language learning. I’m learning French as a second language, so I understand how valuable reading in the language can be.

      There are two seasons of The Wardens available on my site, and other stories on my Fiction page too. Feel free to read as much as you like ^_^.

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