Most of the below are the earliest versions of these stories. Special edition books include: The story, along with world, cast, and behind-the-scenes info in full-colour. View my current projects. Go Inside Worlds to learn more about some stories. Bookmark this page to come back whenever you like :).

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The Wardens Series (S01)

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Thriller/Action | Category: NA – A | Year: 2012 | Version: First editions | Status: Complete | Series’ screenplay in-progress | Episode 1: Skins available; Chapter 1 includes audio | Episode 2: Howl available; Episode 3: Lust available; Episode 4: Taken available; Episode 5: Cemetery Party available | Note: This series is set in The Wardens Universe

Synopsis: Wardens Erin and Zach travel the world hunting rogue supernatural creatures, protecting humans and supernaturals alike at any cost.

Perfect read for fans of buddy-type series, with lots of fast-paced action.

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The Wardens Series (S02)

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/ Supernatural Thriller/ Action | Category: NA – A | Year: 2013 – 2014 | Version: First editions | Status: Complete | Series’ screenplay in-progress | Episode 6: Home available; Episode 7: Blood & Stone available; Episode 8: Alliances available; Episode 9: Debt available; Episode 10: Upside Down available

Synopsis: Erin has lots to make up for after what happened in Season 1, and Zach’s support this time round is uncertain. Will their partnership survive this latest gauntlet of challenges? Maybe not.

Dynamic follow-up to Season 1!

Meet at Home

Jacob’s Apocalypse and Other Stories

Genre: Speculative Fiction | Category: MG/YA/NA/A | Year: 2011 – 2013 | Version: First edition | Status: Complete; Full book available

Synopsis: Short stories and flash fiction written mostly in 2012. I’ve also shared music videos I’d associated with individual titles.

This is a fun read for lovers of anthologies with a speculative twist.

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Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy | Category: A | Year: 2011 | First edition | Status: Complete; 10-chapter excerpt available .

Synopsis: Actor Jack Martin and five people from across planets, begin to transport to different worlds without explanation. This phenomenon is known as “blinking”.

With their lives on the line, none of them are prepared for what’s coming.

Perfect for those who like twisty stories told in multi-POV.

Blink to begin

Type “flash fiction” in the search bar for more bite-sized reads like this :).

Praesidium’s Orphans

Dark Fantasy/Supernatural Thriller/Action | Category: YA – A | Year: 2019 | Version: First edition | Status: In-progress; Chapter 1: Wendigo is available | Note: This story takes place in The Wardens’ Universe.

Wardens have to start somewhere and for Luca and his team, their last year of training will be the toughest yet.

Synopsis: A quiet Belgian town, three trainee wardens, and a sadistic handler. Put it altogether for some of the bloodiest warden action yet.

Great read for fans of action-packed, supernatural stories.

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Erin’s Origins

Genre: Fantasy; Carib speculative | Category: MG | Year: 2014 | Version: First edition | Status: Complete; Available | Note: This story takes place in The Wardens Universe

Everyone has an origin story. Badass warden Erin’s begins in Barbados.

Synopsis: A pastor thinks Erin’s filled with demons and wants to cast them out, will the vampire Jacob save her in time?

Nice read for those who want an origin story with a diverse twist.

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Queen of the Black Gate

Genre: Dark Fantasy | Category: A | Year: 2012 | Status: Incomplete; shelved, unedited WIP | 3-chapter excerpt available

Synopsis: The war between heaven and hell is over, a deal has been struck, demons would control the earth as long as they kept away from heaven. I betrayed my father Lucifer to strike this deal, and for this, I constantly fight for the right to my throne. ~ Queen Aeshma-El

Quick read for lovers of demons and lore.

Bang at the gate

To purchase signed digital PDF copies of full-length stories contact me with your request.

Note: Signed digital copies are not special edition/first edition copies. Special edition books include: the story, and world, cast, and behind-the-scenes info in full-colour. Contact me with your request.

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