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If you’re a writer (prose/scripts) and are looking for help with a new project, I offer Editor Support, an Ideas’ Room, Worldbuilding, Monsters, and Lore Help, and Publishing Street. Check these out below:

I’ve broken my developmental editing into two main parts: Editorial Critiques, and Story Mentorship. Being an Ink and Insightsjudge 2018 – 2021, lets me see how important these two things are. I work with speculative fiction, mystery, thriller, action/adventure, and some other select genres, across age categories (prose). More info:

  • Editorial Critiques: A read of your first pages, and you provide a summary outlining the rest of the story (up to 4 pages). I use the comments’ section of your document to highlight any glaring developmental issues in the excerpt. A separate document provides further details of what’s working and what’s not. This critique also helps to guide you going forward based on your synopsis. All documents are delivered via email. 
  • Start with 5k words: Cost £25
  • Start with 10k words: Cost £45
  • Start with 25k words: Cost £65

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  • Story Mentorship: You provide a synopsis of your book (up to 4 pages), and submit individual chapters/scenes (those you’re most concerned about, with the most plot issues, or additional scenes, etc). You can submit chapters/scenes over the course of six (6) weeks – this gives you time to continue story development, and allows me time to go through your chapter/scene revisions/additions. Documents delivered via email.
  • Start with 4 scenes/chapters: Cost: £95
  • Start with 6 scenes/chapters: Cost: £125
  • Start with 8 scenes/chapters: Cost £155
  • Start with 10 scenes/chapters: Cost £185

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As a writer, I know you sometimes need to bounce ideas off other people. My Ideas’ Room lets you do that without judgement. More info:

  • Ideas’ Room: You pitch me your story/script idea (a one or two-line pitch is fine), and your premise (no more than a page). In a separate document, let me know what you’re thinking, where you want to go with the story, and what’s causing you issues getting it down on paper (2 – 4 pages is fine for this).
  • MY ROLE: I’ll email you a document outlining positives about your concept, where you could run into issues, and how to get past the humps of writing this new story/script. I don’t have any rights to your story/script and if you use any ideas I share – they’re yours. It’s YOUR story.
  • Cost: £45

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From 2001 to now, I’ve been creating speculative fiction worlds, conceptualising or modifying creatures, monsters, animals, and supernatural lore.

Worldbuilding and developing your setting is a skill. In the same way, creating an original creature, or modifying a supernatural being that already exists, isn’t always as simple as adding an extra appendage. I’ll share my expertise with you so your hybrids, weirdo animals, and more, are as scary as you want. More info:

  • World & Monsters: You share a written outline of the world & setting/ creature/hybrid/animal/*insert what works here*, along with background info (two pages is fine for this). The background should include why you made the choice, if there’s associated lore, whether this is existing lore you’re revamping or an entirely new one, etc. Share what the issues you’re having, and the vision you have going forward (if you already know).
  • MY ROLE: I’ll then email you a document outlining the positives of your world and setting/”monster” subject, potential negatives (if any), necessary things to consider going forward, and in the case of creatures, etc, info on others that already exist that could give you more inspiration (if available). I don’t have any rights to your world and setting/creature/lore and if you use any ideas I share – they’re yours. It’s YOUR story.
  • Cost: £110

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I’ve been submitting to agents and publishers for years. This let me learn how to pitch well, query well, and figure out which ones I want to submit to. It can be tough to do this on your own and with all the information out there, you could get overwhelmed.

That’s why I offer Publishing Street, giving you much needed info for both traditional and self-publishing. More info:

  • Traditional Publishing – You share your query letter with the genre and age category included. MY ROLE: I’ll compile a list of up to ten (10) agents and publishers that are a good fit based on authors they already represent/publish, and what they’re looking for at the time of your submission. Optional: I’ll also share competitions for unpublished manuscripts in your genre and age category where available.
  • Cost: £55.

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  • Self-Publishing – You submit a synopsis of your book including genre, age category, book format(s), and your plans for the book. MY ROLE: I’ll compile a list of self-publishing platforms, book marketing/promotion outlets, reviewers and book bloggers/vloggers in your genre and age category. It will also include bestselling self-pubbed authors in your genre. You’ll receive a personalised PDF booklet. Optional: I’ll also share contests that are a good fit for your story where available.
  • Cost: £150

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**All prices are quoted in GBP. Email deliveries Tues – Fri. Payments can be made via PayPal.**

Regular content to get you in the write headspace available in 2022.

My career: I was a journalist and editor at a major newspaper for half a decade, before moving into freelance/contract writing and editing. This led me to other roles during the last eight years including content management, developmental editing, website design, course creation, facilitation, and others. See my sample portfolio of past work, some companies and organisations I’ve worked with, and other info here.

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