Projects 2021

Writing relatedMarch to October 2021 I’m working on:

  • Zenith (screenplay; pilot; sci-fi/thriller/action – complete)
  • Babel (screenplay; pilot; thriller/drama – complete)
  • Dunnington Academy (screenplay; pilot; fantasy/drama/action – complete)
  • Winter’s Wolves (short story – 95% complete)
  • Tierreich Insel (novel; sci-fi/thriller – 25% complete)
  • Harrington’s End (novel; fantasy/drama – 20% complete)
  • Harrington’s End (screenplay; pilot; fantasy/drama – 1% complete)
  • Eye of Storms (screenplay; fantasy – 0%)
  • Scarbor Island (screenplay; fantasy/supernatural thriller/action – 0%)
  • Tierreich Insel (screenplay; sci-fi/thriller – 0%)
  • Soulbound Anarchy (screenplay; sci-fi/thriller – 0%)
  • Transference (screenplay; sci-fi/thriller – 0%)
  • Eye of Storms (2014 manuscript; fantasy/action and adventure/Carib speculative – re-edit – 5% complete).
  • Burning Chariot (2015 manuscript; fantasy/action and adventure/alternate history – re-edit – 0%)

Percentage updates based on real-time progress.

Writing competition judge: I’m an Ink and Insights judge for 2021 and begin reading 18/03/21. Ink and Insights is a yearly writer competition that gives writers extensive feedback on their stories. Judges’ favourites get the chance to be a part of the agent round too. I’m barely scratching the surface, click to learn more.

Words read for 2021 so far: 110, 000 – 120, 000

To find out what I’d love to see in my inbox this year read – Inside Ink and Insights. is back from mid-April 2021. Fudge Up is a female-owned, diverse online publication I started with the aim of making everyday life easier. It went on hiatus last year and has been going through a revamp. All content that was removed will be available again, along with new content for 2021.

Pet project: Inside Worlds’ digital fiction magazine Issue #1. Estimated availability late 2021.

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