Scarbor Island – Chapters 11 -14 are available!

It’s Day 14 of #30DaysontheIsland! You’ll get one chapter of Scarbor Island daily for thirty (Oct 2 – 31), and can bookmark the Scarbor Island page if you don’t want to wait for the blog update :).

You’ll also get to learn more about the inner workings of the island, lore, and cast in a new Inside Worlds‘ post :). Inside Worlds: Island Escape will be up on October 22.

The story synopsis is below but if you’ve already started, head to the island and read Chapter 11: In the Dog House, Chapter 12: Night Terrors, Chapter 13: Two Weeks Ago, and Chapter 14: A Violent Meeting.

Spoiler: Titles speak for themselves.

Genre: Carib speculative/dark fantasy/horror. Category: YA; Year: 2015, updated in 2019.


Scarbor Island houses the reform institute where seventeen-year-old Trinidadian Cyra and other juvenile delinquents from around the world live. Cyra runs with the top gang, oversees the illegal weed crop, and is untouchable by inmate standards, until everything changes.

When she unwittingly rescues a “drowning” forest lord with deep supernatural ties, the island becomes a playground for violent creatures craftily picking off inmates one by one. Cyra soon discovers the stranger she saved is behind the death games, seeking those strong enough to become permanent residents on what he calls his island, for a twisted menagerie. Should all go to his plan, Scarbor Island and its inhabitants would cease to exist to those on the outside.

As mortal numbers decrease and the dark realm closes in, Cyra and other survivors can’t get past their differences to band together and attempt escape. With few she can trust, Cyra must rely on her wits and resilience to stay alive or be forever lost to the rest of the world.

A new chapter will be released each day during October, with things getting extra scary just in time for Halloween :).

Read Chapter 1: Happening Right Now (Oct 2)

Read Chapter 2: Five Weeks Ago (Oct 3)

Read Chapter 3: The Box (Oct 4)

Read Chapter 4: Gaps and Avery (Oct 5)

Read Chapter 5: When Cotton Talks (Oct 6)

Read Chapter 6: We’re Not Alone (Oct 7)

Read Chapter 7: Four Weeks Ago (Oct 8)

Read Chapter 8: Lovers Interrupted (Oct 9)

Read Chapter 9: Scurries (Oct 10)

Read Chapter 10: Turf Wars (Oct 11)

Read Chapter 11: In the Dog House (Oct 12)

Read Chapter 12: Night Terrors (Oct 13)

Read Chapter 13: Two Weeks Ago (Oct 14)

Read Chapter 14: A Violent Meeting (Oct 15)

Note: I’m usually not a fan of sending loads of emails, but if you’re already following, like my site, or subscribe, October will be (sometimes) daily updates as each day a new Scarbor Island chapter will be available :).

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