Inside Worlds: Discover Ahrdas

Ahrdas is a special place to me for multiple reasons. It’s the first fantasy world I went really wild in with supernaturals (basically throwing together all kinds). It’s also where Dunnington Academy the second YA I wrote nearly ten years ago, plays out.

The more I fell in love with the place, the more it expanded and soon I was writing shorts about the people that lived there. These bits and bobs became the Ahrdas Chronicles and today, we’re heading inside worlds for a quick peak :).

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The character below has always been one of my favourites. There’s something about the quiet and unassuming yet “don’t mess with this guy” vibe that gets me every time :).

I haven’t used most of these materials as I didn’t self-publish in the end. Though I loved the story, I felt it needed to be cleaned up some more. Somehow in the midst of doing that and a few stories later, it got pushed to the backburner.

Despite this though, I always have a special place for all the Ahrdas Chronicles’ stories and the characters that bring them to life. I doubt they’ll stay in the shadows forever ^_^.

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