Inside Worlds: Outer Isles’ Tour (Eye of Storms)

Eye of Storms begins in the Outer Isles, and much of main character Ralei’s storyline plays out there. It’s the most tropical region on Zarthos.

Take the quick tour below for a better sense of the region’s setting :).

Eye of Storms’ World Overview

Tribespeople from uncontested territories trade and provide services for Middle Isles’ buyers, ship crews from outside the Waterlands, and sea-leg fishermen.

Currency: Among tribespeople – goods barter; With outsiders – coins and precious stones.

They only use island resources and raw materials creating products that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. Hunting and fishing is another thing and with an abundance of animals and fish, it’s easy to sell the surplus. As for the tribespeoples’ parties, heh, you should hear ship crew’s stories of the Gurana tribe’s debauchery ^_^.

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2 thoughts on “Inside Worlds: Outer Isles’ Tour (Eye of Storms)

  1. I am living for this post and cannot wait for the others to come out! I’m so intrigued about knowing more about this whole world and love how we get to tour it and learn more..its wild!

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