Inside Worlds: “Eye of Storms” Quick Look

Your first look Inside Worlds is behind-the-scenes of my epic fantasy/Carib spec book Eye of Storms :).

This is an overview of the story, and the world of Zarthos where it plays out. I’ll share more over time. For now, get your slippers, shorts, and sunscreen, we’re headed to lands of sun, sea, and dangerous magic ;).

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Climates: The Waterlands (tropical); Maarskden (temperate); Kunai (mixed).

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For questions or comments, share below or contact me :).

2 thoughts on “Inside Worlds: “Eye of Storms” Quick Look

    1. HI Rachel, I appreciate your comment :)! I’d like to put it on submission, but waiting to see what’s what re: a more recent submission. That said, wanted to start sharing my work more again so here we are ^_^. Thanks again and I’ll pop over to see what’s up on your site soon :).

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