Random Wednesdays: Ayestra Calling Excerpt 4

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Secrets 3DnewThe time for AYESTRA CALLING, book 2 in my YA Action & Adventure/Fantasy Return of the Guardian Trilogy comes closer with the start of each new month. Just a few to go with October just around the corner. In the meantime, you can enjoy the first book — Secrets, as a free read: Read SECRETS Free! Ayestra Calling is one of two releases this year, along with The Wardens Series Season Two. By using the keywords Ayestra Calling, or clicking the links found later in this post, you can start the second half of the adventure with Emma and the gang courtesy of novel excerpts. Today I’m going to share the fourth of these excerpts ^_^.

We enter as formidable enemies finally catch up with Emma. Enjoy :):


Chapter 11 (Unedited Excerpt)

claymore2~ It was like being in some kind of weirdly chaotic dream. The panic was palpable and the rising noise full of shouts, screams and wails of terror, pierced ears and reverberated off the ice walls. The Scaven, dark-skinned creatures with crooked ears, dark eyes and dark hair, descended upon us gleefully. They pushed their way from Marooners who had seemed just as normal as any other moments before, splitting the unfortunate vessels in half as they assumed physical form. The boy was the first to experience this and now his carcass lay like a bloodied heap at the feet of the one that had overcome his spirit. The Scavens varied in height, but all possessed similar lean physiques. I hadn’t seen any women among them yet, but for all I knew they were claymore3some kind of asexual fae.

“We have to go now!” came Tai’s shout from the darkness in my head as I struggled to understand what I was seeing. He tried to pull me away, but we were ripped apart from each other as a mouth clamped down on my other arm. I looked down to see yellowish eyes looking up at me happily, refusing to release my arm. I pulled away from Tai, driving the heel of my palm into the offender’s forehead. Still he didn’t let go, so I grabbed his hair, feeling the oiliness of the strands as I did and pulled it quickly to one side, breaking his neck. The Scaven fell from my arm, leaving it bloody with his puncture marks.

claymore4Looking around I saw that Tai was busy fighting off two of them, but as I went to help him, heard a scream close by. It was Keia, kneeling at her father’s body, which was gushing blood from a wound in his chest. His own dagger protruded from it and as Keia wept, more Scavens closed in. I was about to let her figure out her own fate, when I heard Noah roar. He was going to try to save her and with so many at his heels, I wasn’t about to let him do it alone. ~


Emma doesn’t fancy Keia – at all – but I enjoy making characters do things they hate :).



Check out the Ayestra Calling book trailer below :):


Additionally here are some passages from Ayestra Calling for your reading pleasure :):

fantasy1 ‘Excerpt 1’:Enter the story with this short unedited excerpt taken from Chapter 2, as Tai is unwillingly pulled into dangerous conversation with Emma.

‘Excerpt 2’: This unedited excerpt is taken from Chapter 3. Emma is about to swim for her supper and will encounter much more than she expected.

‘Excerpt 3’: This unedited excerpt is taken from Chapter 9. Emma is faced with Noah’s change of heart and tempers run hot.


– END of repeat –


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