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MINDSPEAK (The Mindspeak Chronicles, Book 1)

Author: Heather Sunseri
Genre: Paranormal Romance

view2MINDSPEAK delves into the world of cloning and other genetic manipulations and I will say first of all that there were some passages I thoroughly enjoyed, while others left me wanting to simply skip through. However, note that this could be because paranormal romance is not usually my first pick when settling in for a read.

Protagonist Lexi is a teenager surrounded by dangerous secrets that one by one begin to rear their ugly heads, eventually making her life very difficult. She is already aware of her ability to bend others to her will using telepathy, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as she soon discovers. The teen begins to learn more about her origins and fights to come to terms with the fact that she is a cloned human, who has been engineered for an incredible purpose. To make matters more complicated, not only are there others like her flitting about, some of these don’t have her best interests at heart. Lexi’s bright spot and simultaneous source for contention is Jack, a boy who shares similar abilities and she falls for with little effort.

view3What I liked:
The premise is pretty sound and is a new way to consider the role of clones. Banter between Lexi and Jack – especially when it’s telepathic – can be pretty amusing. I especially enjoyed some of his naughtier comebacks. Throughout the various characters remain true to their roles and you often feel like ‘yes, this is something he or she would say or do’.

What I didn’t like as much:
Lexi is frantically curious about her origins and what she can do, which is understandable, but the way her questioning is put forth on page was a bit overwhelming. These question and answer view4conversations often made me feel as though I was being told everything as opposed to experiencing the story. This is the same with the questions in Lexi’s head. I literally felt like I was being bombarded by way too many at a time during some passages. Additionally, I understand why Jack was always so concerned for Lexi and her whereabouts, but honestly it seemed to be fueling this new-found ‘stalking for love idea’ that’s so prevalent in modern YA literature.

All of that said, it was a nice debut novel and I’m still glad I picked it up. Not completely sure I’d continue the series, but I would recommend it to more hardcore fans of this particular genre. ~

Star rating 1 – 5: *** 3


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