Monday Insights: Could’ve, Should’ve, Didn’t?

fantasy1So many times in our lives we use the words ‘could’ve’, ‘should’ve’ and ‘would’ve’ to justify not reaching goals.

It’s almost like some strange kind of badge we put on as a way to distract from the fact that we simply didn’t do what we’d initially intended.

Recently I watched a situation unfold where the individual did not reach a goal for various reasons and instead of continuing on and vowing to fantasy1try to do better next time, they made it a point to highlight how they ‘could’ve if such and such’ and ‘would’ve if only so and so’. In the end it made them come across as a poor loser, as they fought to make everyone see how they would have triumphed if only . . .

Now please, before you start poking me with pitchforks, understand that I am not referring to those things completely out of our control, I’m zoning in on the many excuses we make.

fantasy1I was guilty of this sort of thing earlier in life, for example: There was a time when if I didn’t meet my self-imposed deadline for my latest writing project, I would have said ‘oh it’s because of this or that, otherwise I definitely would’ve’. Now – as I haven’t met it – I’ve simply decided to be honest with myself — I really slowed down with writing for about two weeks in November and as such didn’t make the goal. Instead of making numerous excuses about weather conditions in my home (or some other odd thing) I’m just going to push to succeed with my next deadline, which is the end of this week :).

fantasy1In summary, there are times when no matter what we do, the path doesn’t wish to open up in the way we want it and that’s simply because the universe has decided to reach our goals, we must take another. However, when the ball’s in our court and we mess up or don’t succeed, we can’t keep going around blaming everything and everyone but ourselves. Remember though, that instead of wasting time beating ourselves up for not reaching a goal in that moment, we simply have to jump right back on the horse and get going again. Our world is made up of numerous opportunities, we have to decide if we use, or squander them :).


How do you handle not meeting goals? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Could’ve, Should’ve, Didn’t?

  1. Like you, there’s a divide between what I do now and what I used to do. Excuses were key for my younger self. Now, I’m realistic that I have a lot of obligations. I won’t hit all my goals. If I don’t, I don’t make excuses, just revise my goals. I still get plenty done, but with much less guilt and/or excuses.

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