Friday Highlights 113

fantasy1TV-wise, I have been consumed by The Mindy Project this week. Regular readers know that when I have a lot on my plate I turn to comedy as a kind of reliever. Honestly I’d always thought this show wouldn’t be very good, as I didn’t completely like Mindy Kaling’s character “Kelly Kapoor” in The Office. However, I was pleasantly surprised as I found I really love the interactions of all the characters on this show she’s created. Even though I might not be fond of every direction it takes, I love that the characters have the same base characteristics as they would have from first season, straight to third. “Mindy’s” exploits as she tries to find love are pretty amusing and the side-plots happening all around her really pull the entire show together. So, fans of quirky comedy, this could be a new one for you ^_^.

Besides grinning my face off, I’ve been . . .


fantasy11) Working on The Wardens Season 2 (episodes 6 – 10). I want to finish them by the end of November, so really going to buckle down this weekend and next week in order to do that. (The Wardens Series is an ongoing NA supernatural thriller/fantasy, short story series, featuring the exploits of wardens Erin and Zach, as they keep rogue supernaturals in line.)

2) Client work (social media management, writing, editing, etc) was quite a bit this week as well, so have been staying on top of that.

3) Working out some kinks and details for new promotions I want to run during December and a couple that begin in the first months of 2015. I’ll share more soon :).

fantasy14) Finally, been getting a new workout schedule in place for myself. I have been way too erratic with exercise these last months and I’m just happy that my body hasn’t decided to give up on me and let itself go in the process haha.



That’s all from me today guys, but what has your week been like? Tell me about it in the comments below :)!


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