Monday Insights: Friendship – Piece of Cake

mon1Friendship should be easy. We shouldn’t have to constantly feel bad, or worried, or anxious when it comes to interacting with friends. We shouldn’t have to feel as though we’ve done something wrong or constantly barricade ourselves in our thoughts when we want to approach them with a question or concern.

I’ll say it again: Friendship should be one of the simplest things we experience in life.

mon2The people we surround ourselves with, that we claim to hold dearest to us, shouldn’t be giving us ulcers while we hold smiles firmly in place. When we find ourselves constantly harbouring negative feelings for a friend, feeling left out, put aside or as I like to sum it up — ‘out of sight out of mind‘, then it’s really time to consider if the friendship you have with the individual is real or not. This is especially true if we either don’t think we can talk about it with the individual or, feel like talking won’t make a difference.

mon3I’ve been going through a variety of difficult situations this year and it’s made me take stock of friends all over again. It’s made me think hard about those I really want to be around and those I feel I should let into my mental and emotional circle. It’s hard realising you need to separate yourself from those you love. However, I’ve found that it’s harder allowing negative feelings to consume us, especially when they’re instigated by others.

mon5This week readers, let’s consider our friends. Look past the pretty bits and really think. Really try and figure out those that truly deserve the gift of our friendship. It may sound harsh, but it’s one of the steps to ensuring we’re happier and more fruitful overall. Let’s be happier :).


Wishing you all an incredible week and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

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    1. Well hopefully others thinking there’s free cake will also get something good from it haha.

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