Random Wednesdays: AWAKENING (Excerpt)

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AWAKENING COVERToday I’m going to share a short excerpt from my free to read sci-fi/fantasy novel AWAKENING (When Worlds End Trilogy, Book 1) which currently has 15 chapters up here ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’ and over 4000 reads! A Character Guide to Awakening is coming in the next weeks for this book as well as the remaining 5 chapters, however, there’s some fun connected to their release too, so stay tuned for that :). Until then, enjoy a snippet from Chapter 2: The Scientist & The Assassin.


~ Remi Dugando looked over her shoulder. Spit. The raging yowler was getting on her last nerve and she was glad when her well-aimed piston landed spitefully on its nose. The animal snarled and looked at her with more hatred than its owner did. wed1They stood on four legs and most were over 200 pounds of pure muscled killers, making them favourites among these types.

“Are you sure he’s dead Dugando?” Remi looked back at the man. Jethro was a small time gang leader in the Chualy district and his set-up reflected the man that ran it. The place was dirty, rundown and smelt of urine. The floors and walls were caked with dust, their original colours and textures long forgotten. It was like most of the buildings in this area were now, nothing but holes in the ground, wed2places where the underbelly of the outer cities thrived. Made themselves king. People like Jethro, well, those above him, ruled hundreds. She hated working for these types, but knew she had no choice. Her debt hadn’t been repaid yet and sometimes, she wondered if it ever would be.

“I’m starting to think you’re avoiding paying me Jethro.” The man’s steely gaze grew more intense and he gave her a menacing grin.

wed3“I don’t pay without proof woman.” Remi had not been bestowed with much patience, yet tempered her anger as she gazed at the tiny man. Even sitting, she was taller than he was and she was sure that should the yowler be given a leg up, he too would easily surpass his master’s height. She reached for the leather satchel she usually carried with her, which contained everything she needed to survive on Cromerton. She didn’t need a home, home was where this mess started.

The clasp of the bag opened with a loud click and she stuck her hand into its depths. Finding what she wanted she pulled, feeling stickiness as she did. Remi smiled at Jethro’s wary expression as she put the head of Ureso on the table, blood caked in thick clots from where she had just hours before severed it from its body. He had been the leader of the Mogen district, Chualy’s neighbour and by extension, Jethro’s chief rival. The man had made the mistake of encroaching on Jethro’s territory, a wed5crime punishable by death. There would be retaliation, they both knew that and silently Remi hoped she would be the one to repay the man before her. The yowler began to growl and claw at the ground, obsessing over the smell of meat and blood, his white hairless body shivering with anticipation. Both Remi and its owner ignored it.

“Pay me,” she said, in the voice she reserved for moments like this. Moments where she felt her gun hot at her side and was ready should she need to use it. Jethro looked at her for a moment wed6longer and reaching from a place under his desk, tossed a small black canvas bag towards her. It fell with a heavy clink and Remi opened it checking the contents. When she was satisfied that he had not short-changed her, she stood, throwing both bags over her shoulder. The yowler’s snarling focused on her once more and it tried to reach her despite its iron chain restraints.

“Tell him for me Dugando,” Remi paused ever so slightly. She knew what the man meant. Did not turn as she responded.

“Tell him your damn self.” ~


I really do love Remi Dugando (probably no shock there for my regular readers haha). There are so many facets to her personality and I hope you’ll stick around with the story an d learn all about them. Until Friday lovely readers :)!





Please note: After a short break the beginning of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’. Look out for the Awakening Character Guide soon and catch up with the story using the link above, as with only FIVE chapters left, you’ll want to catch up ^_^.

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