Friday Highlights 87

fri1I’ve been tired most nights recently and as such I’m really behind with my usual series. However, I did catch up with the last couple episodes of Teen Wolf. Regular readers know my love for that show so all I will say is – come back soon wonderful cast ^_^. In lieu of regulars, American Dad was added to my plate. I just clicked on a random episode and decided to give it a try and though I don’t love the show, it’s exactly the kind of mindless humour that’s suited for when you don’t feel like over-thinking anything. In summary, mission accomplished. So until I get another break when I can unwind with the more pressing questions from shows where keeping your mind in the game is necessary, cartoons it is apparently lol.

Other than wondering about Roger’s many wardrobe changes I’ve been . . .


fri21) Did a test run for an upcoming web series that will give more exposure to ‘unsung writers’. Really looking forward to unveiling that.

2) Been a rough week on the personal front, but I always try to remember a few things that get me through like, worrying or being negative makes nothing better, so why bother? Exactly ^_^.

fri33) Got past a problem that was keeping me stagnant. My writing took a turn for the ‘nothing’ recently and when I finally discovered how I needed to get past it, I quite literally could have done the dance of champions. Which I kind of did ^_^.

4) Planning for the second half of the year which already seems very full. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. More releases to come and writing for some of those begins in a couple months, so there’s much to look forward to and as always I’m so happy I’ll get to share the process with you all.


That’s all for now lovely readers! Have a great weekend and be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others ^_^!




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