Monday Insights: Step Outside The Box

mon1We like to put ourselves into a neat little box labelled ‘Who I Think I Should Be’. The contents of the box sometimes changes as we do, yet we remain bound to it, finding it difficult to let even a single file escape the confines.

When I was a journalist, I believed I needed to behave a certain way at all times while in public. I didn’t know who I’d need to interact with next and as such, tried to be on good behaviour. It made sense to me, especially as I’ve interviewed a large cross section of people in the time I was in that profession and always wanted to present myself and my newspaper at the time, in a good light. When I decided to pursue my entrepreneurship dreams, I became a little less rigid in my behaviours professionally, but my box didn’t change much either way and I still felt I had to be cautious and not really let loose at any time, just in case.

The truth is though, being this version of myself left the other parts a tad uncertain regarding their place. I felt I couldn’t have as much fun while in public or be to crazy even if I wanted to. I tried to be more reserved which outside of the professional setting, isn’t really me.

mon3Life is made up of many fleeting moments in time. We don’t want to wake one day, look back and realise we were so busy being who we thought we should be for the sake of others usually, that we don’t enjoy the time we have. Let’s be the people we truly want to be.


Enjoy the week lovely readers and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights.

2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Step Outside The Box

  1. Woo hooo! Let’s get crazy! lol. Or mildly less reserved.
    Also, I need to get those sunglasses for Chase. SO cute!

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