Friday Highlights 83

crisisStarted Crisis as this week’s unwind show and while it’s okay so far with the twists and turns I have to say that my first question (and ongoing one) has been why not just lock all the parents up until everything’s over? Yes, yes, I get that ‘the show must go on’ but it would have been interesting to see the kidnappers get what they want from another angle, as opposed to ‘what would you do to save your child’. I assume it’ll pull on viewers’ heartstrings either way, which is of course a good thing for ratings and, I get to see Gillian Anderson in all her awesome as ‘Meg Fitch’ which is just winning all round :)!

As for what I’ve been up to this week . . .


broken1) Broke a camera light while testing for filming, so that was great. It’s not like they’re costly or anything. Yes, sarcasm abounds. However, I will look at the silver lining and decide it was a ‘be more careful’ warning ha.
2) Working out ways to increase the popularity of my books and by extension sell more. I do spend a lot of time promoting other writers, artists, etc because I honestly love doing it, but realise I need to do way more for myself, so getting on that :).
desk13) Writing. I assume that’s a given. So how about if I say writing without music, sometimes with music, with water on my desk, stalling sometimes to surf the web (do we still say that?) and other assorted things. Ha, way more fun now huh? ^_^.


That’s all for now lovely readers, wishing you a great weekend and be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).



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4 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 83

  1. Why take away the conflict and element of surprise? I mean that’s part of the beauty and intrigue of the show, you never know who’s going to be called next.

    1. Well yes, that’s why I said it’s all for the show to go on. I was just countering that it would be interesting to see the show from another angle entirely. Another core reason why the kidnappers get whatever they want. Of course that would be an entirely different show and fans might stone me haha :).

      Thanks for commenting and have a great week ^_^!

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