Monday Insights: Thoughts For Rent

What are you thinking about right now?

activityThroughout the day, every second we’re awake, our brains are hubs of activity that have to think about everything from basic motor functions to what’s for dinner tonight. Most of us have jotted down our thoughts at some time or other, for example, to remember things, or work something out and when we look at the scrap of paper or computer screen let’s say a day later, it’s amazing that so much spilled out of us in minutes.

What are you thinking about right now?

thinkingI’m asking this question because our thoughts are extremely important. What we focus on daily, directly impacts the feelings we have towards people, things and our overall quality of life. When we try to focus on the good things in life, our aspirations, dreams, people we love, delicious food, places that inspire, a valued pet, whatever it is for you, we can often turn the darkest moments upside down. This doesn’t mean that we will always be cheerful or be constantly spreading rainbows and butterflies around, but that if we try to turn our thoughts to these good things, we can actually make our lives better.

Get those thoughts out.

Constantly filling our headspace with negative tenants is a sure fire way to feel pretty bad all the time. How can we feel good if all we think about is everything that’s wrong with our lives? Speaking from experience, I can say it doesn’t work. I used to be down all the time, smiling on the outside, but because I had some pretty nasty tenants subletting the place, it was difficult for me to remove myself from the grime I allowed these thoughts to impose. That’s a place I don’t want to return to and don’t think anyone should have to live in.

So, one more time: What are you thinking about? Hope it’s something good :).


Have a fantastic week lovely readers and for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Thoughts For Rent

  1. Thank you for the excellent words! I find that the key is in your initial question…about our thoughts RIGHT NOW. The more we stay locked in to the present moment, the more we can accomplish our goals and be the person we want to be. This is because we act away from our past mistakes and limitations, and away from any furture worries. NOW is the time to focus and get it done 🙂

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