Random Wednesdays: When Worlds End (Awakening)

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wattpadComing to Wattpad in March 2014 will be a new chapter weekly, from Awakening, the first book in my science fantasy trilogy When Worlds End. It’s a story that’s very dear to me (I suppose they all end up being ^_^) and one that the reader really has to hold on to the rails, as the sparks fly. With multiple characters making up its landscape and a host of questions hanging in the air, I look forward to seeing what new readers think of this offering :). So you’re prepared, ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad’ and here’s a sneak peak from I’d say mid-chapter 1 – Dreams.


king2“We will not stand for this. The Gor say no!” Cold. It was so cold. Jack looked around him. He was in a room full of men, angry men from what he could see. There was lots of pounding of fists on oak tables and raised voices. The men were large in stature and Jack, even in his six foot two frame, was dwarfed amongst them. He supposed he was dreaming, but couldn’t remember having gone back to bed. A sickening thought hit him. What if the girl had drugged him, he didn’t know her after all, she could be psychotic, but then, he couldn’t remember drinking anything and she . . .

men1“Who is this stranger among us?” In his reverie he had not realised that all eyes had turned on him. He had thought it was one of those dreams where he was just looking in. Apparently, he was a part of it. The steely gazes of the men centred on him and a sort of divide was formed on either side of him, exposing Jack to the man who had spoken. “Bring him to me.” The man gestured to two others, each burlier than the last and silently Jack hoped he wasn’t about to experience a near death dream. He had heard about them, but had never had one. He also knew there was a first time for everything.

The two came towards him, the small path widening as the gathering made more room to let them through. The whole thing felt so real, that in spite of himself and his previous worry, he began to enjoy the dream. He always loved when he dreamt with such realism, he had done it some times before and always woke up just as he was sure something really good was about to happen.

prisoner1The man who had called him was tall, dark and menacing, as the cliché went, seeming to tower even more so above them all as he stood on a raised platform. His dark eyes however, were kind and Jack relaxed. The men deposited him and forced him to his knees on the wooden floor before their leader. The man studied him before speaking, then came a tirade of booming questions.

“Who are you? Where do you come from? That garment you wear, does it protect you from the cold somehow?” He said this pointing at Jack’s boxers and Jack, as if remembering for the first time his aversion to the cold when he had first entered the dream, wrapped his arms around him, shivering violently.

cold1“No, doesn’t do me much good,” he said, teeth chattering as his mind continued to catch up with the torturous cold he was feeling. The leader made another gesture to one of the men standing next to him and in moments the subordinate removed his own cloak, without protest. It was made of animal skins and fur, the attire of all who were present. He was warmly dressed underneath and approached Jack throwing it over him, allowing him to feel the warmth of his saviour’s body as it settled on his shoulders . . .


readingEnjoyed the short excerpt? Well on Saturday, March 1, 2014, you can read the prologue and first chapter of When Worlds End: Awakening and, readers will be able to check in each Saturday after that, for a brand new chapter :). I look forward to seeing you all there. See you Friday for highlights and a blogger you really should check out ^_^.








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