Monday Insights: The Horse Awaits, Get On It

excysesOne of the ‘greatest’ gifts human beings possess is the ability to make excuses. We’re pros at creating the most believable reasons why we can’t do something, not just for the benefit of others either. Even those who’ve more or less conquered this ‘disease’ sometimes feel symptoms creeping in, threatening to stop them from progressing.

Often these excuses can keep us from having new experiences, or trying to improve on old ones.

pugI was thinking on this topic as I tried to get through my first proper cardio workout in a few weeks. I’m still in recovery mode, but trying to add in sprinkles of my usual everyday, until it all comes together again. Now, I’m not a lover of cardio, I’d much rather do strength training for 2 hours than have to go through 25 minutes of a bunch of exercises that make me feel as though I’m going to throw up at every turn. I struggled against doing full-on cardio workouts for years, until I decided — Jackie get on the horse and just do it. I outlined the positives should I try harder with these kinds of workouts and this helped me to stick with it, so that before I was down with the sickness (yes, I was a Disturbed fan), I was getting to a place where I could run a few miles and not feel like death warmed over.

fearIt’s so important to push past the seeds of doubt and fear, that so rapidly can become great oaks of ‘No I won’t do it!’ in our heads. Sure I’m a bit ‘ugh’ at the work necessary to get back to the place I was pre-illness, but the awesome thing is that it’ll be easier now, because my body’s more likely to fall into line quickly, as it’s got a pretty good idea where it’s headed. Why’s that? Cause I started in the first place.

fairyI fight with the excuse fairy all the time and when I realise that I’m making excuses instead of doing, I just do. Sure, sometimes the little witch wins, but it gets easier to put her back into her box every time I see the positive results of conquering a fear or worry.


livelifetofullestLet’s decide to get back on the horse when we have to, forget excuses and live our lives the way they were intended — to the fullest.


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