Friday Highlights 71

community1They’re a few modern comedies that I enjoy whenever I can squeeze them in and one of these is Community. Fans were up in arms last week (okay maybe not crazily so) about the departure of “Troy” (Donald Glover). The dynamic between Troy and “Abed” (Danny Pudi) was just one of the things that drew in fans from the get-go. However, last week’s bon voyage episode for Troy, followed by Glover’s name not even showing up in the credits for the next episode, was one of those things that like everything else makes you see that life just goes on lol. I don’t feel like the episode suffered from the dynamic’s absence, though I’m a bit curious as to whether this love interest thing with Abed will take off (hope not as to me it would make little sense). To be fair though, with a school like Greendale, where anything can happen, who’s to say what makes sense and what doesn’t?

I have a much clearer view of this week’s . . .



typing211) Still in recovery mode but so much better. Eating food again, some weirdness, but overcoming, so very pleased about that :)!
2) Trying to see about sending in a short story to the Ron Hubbard competition, but being ill pushed back my finish date so not sure if I’ll be able to for this quarter. However, going to hack away at it when I’m finished here and see what gives. If it’s a no-go so be it, next quarter’s around the corner ^_^.
alone13) This downtime left me alone with my thoughts a lot, which was a good thing because I was able to not only progress certain story lines in my head, but I’ve also outlined a rough world system for a sci fi I want to work on in the summer. It doesn’t always feel great not being able to work at your usual level, but good can come from it :).
4) Finally, I haven’t been working out, but lack of food does wonders for the inches :S. Either way, going to try and start again next week, light stuff –- walking, jogging, etc, and get back into the groove so I can continue to lose weight the healthy way. This ailment has definitely caused a greater positive shift in my eating habits though, so I expect to see continued favourable results due to that as well :).


That’s all for now, wishing you all a fabulous weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).







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