Random Wednesdays: The Voice vs The ‘Superficial’ Voice

Parchment and penWriters often hear “find your own voice”. There are whole articles about how readers won’t identify with your writing if it isn’t from the heart, if it doesn’t dredge up bits of your soul that literally lay on the page like chewed up meat. Writers are told that without a voice of our own, we merely blend into the framework of the many others who are producing stories; we fade into the background.

voice2I agree with this yes. In that, I feel that even if we start the process inspired by another’s work, eventually we should be able to find that path to words, that is uniquely ours. When we ‘speak’ people should know it’s us and, even if there are similarities to others, there should be things that still make our work unique. However, I feel like there’s way more to this. In my opinion, there is The Voice, then there is The ‘Superficial’ Voice:


voice3The Voice: These stories are a beautiful challenge. Your heart hurts as you write, you struggle sometimes, you cry with your characters, you believe in them, you love, you hate, you throw stuff around, you’re more passionate than you ever thought you could be.

The ‘Superficial’ Voice: You begin writing a little apprehensively. Maybe it’s not your usual genre or age-group you’re writing for. They’re more mainstream than you’ve ever gone and you wonder if you want to be associated with these stories. You wonder why you’re writing them. The characters grow on you, they become a part of you so that halfway through you change gears and wonder why you weren’t as excited about them in the first place. They’re challenging too, though in a different way. By the time you’re done, you love them.

voice4So let me ask this: Does that mean that The ‘Superficial’ Voice is any less real, or imaginative, or intriguing than The Voice? I don’t believe that’s the case, in fact, I feel like they’re both a part of us. I feel that they help us grow as writers and allow us to produce fantastic work. So what’s Your Voice?

Your Voice: When you put pen to paper, fingers to keys and write what only you can.


I’ll see you all Friday and have a fantastic evening!






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5 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: The Voice vs The ‘Superficial’ Voice

  1. Well Jackie, whether you like it or not, today you have mused me…this post has helped immensely in putting together my next post. It is closely related to this issue of writing from the heart, and I’ve mentioned you in the post, but anonymously, as I tend to knew with musing. I’m still a few hours from publishing it.

    Finally, permission to pun away – and f***, now I’m drawing a blank – and just when I’ve got two new fine pens – gel tips no less, as in “no balls”!

  2. Nice post Jackie, though I’m surprised at your defense of the superficial voice.

    What you say about finding one’s voice, writing from the heart, reminds me of the importance of the muse, the imaginary one . . . the most precious one?

    For me I wonder whether the superficial really means the absence of the muse . . . if I feel that way, it’s kind of like, “Why bother?”. . . I’d rather wait, but it’s not easy. Does that ultimately make it a test of character?

    Yes, the pun is definitely intended! 😉

    1. First off long time and thanks for commenting :).

      I like what you said about if it’s ‘the absence of a muse’, but to me I don’t think that’s really it. I feel like if there was no muse, whether you’ve quite figured out what it is or not, there would be no words ^_^.

      Puns always welcome, especially from you lol.

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