Random Wednesdays: The Wardens 1 (Cover Reveal)

Yes, I am seriously excited!
Yes, I am seriously excited!

Over the last few weeks I’ve talked about a new project I’m working on called The Wardens. I’m pleased to announce that Episode 1 of this urban fantasy short story series, will be released on Sunday November 3, 2013 (yes, that’s this upcoming Sunday ^_^) and the others will follow throughout the month of November. In keeping with the Halloween theme, this week I’m going to reveal the cover of the first in the series: Skins. The artwork was done by the talented Vanessa ‘Avi’ Jones (no relation lol) and, you also get to read the back cover synopsis as well. *Exciting!* So, without further adieu, I give you The Wardens (Episode 1): Skins.


Skins Finished Cover


So happy with the work Avi has done! Tell me what you guys think in the comments section below and stop by for Friday’s post, for information on how you could win free copies of The Wardens: Skins and Secrets of the Tenari :).






SotT Front CoverN.B: My YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari (Book 1 in the Tenari Trilogy) can be found ‘on Amazon,’ and, read excerpts from the book ‘here’ & ‘here.’ If you want to peruse WIP excerpts/flash fiction, search using the keywords Random Wednesdays :).