Random Wednesdays: Story Research A Must

This week I want to talk about a very important part of the writing process, so I’ve hung up my Halloween hat for just a moment, in favour of sharing this with you.

world1I’ve been doing some research for my latest project which is a series of ongoing short stories that are soon to be released. As they’re set all over the world, it’s been necessary for me to make sure certain things are right, so I don’t invoke the wrath, or laughter, of those who actually live in these countries. Whenever I have to do this it reminds me of my days as a journalist. Thankfully, I’m much more interested in the subject matter than when I was in that profession.

gettingitrightResearching isn’t always a necessity, especially when the topic is something we’re well versed in or have experienced before, but it is extremely important if that isn’t the case. Something as simple as my lovely proofreader Rebecca catching a mistake like – no cheese on Shepard’s pie (that’s how we have it here in Barbados) for the country I was focused on in a past project might seem silly, but it’s little details like this that allow the reader to truly believe the writer knows what they’re talking about. I always find it very refreshing when reading from a writer who is not from the Caribbean, but has set their story here and having them get their information right, so I can imagine that for me coming from the Caribbean and at times writing about other countries, some of those reading must also share in this kind of appreciation :).

research1So, writers and writers-to-be, editing, reading, proofing, etc, all that is important, but remember that research must not be thrown by the wayside because it might be boring, or you might be feeling a bit lazy. Do the work; get the amazing results :).


Make sure you read next week for a new gory excerpt or flash fiction piece, as we continue to celebrate Halloween month my way ^_^.







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