Monday Insights: Tuesday Edition

I’m back from the land of the internet-less and as such, wanted to give a quick Monday Insight, despite the obvious ^_^.


goodhings1It’s so easy to focus on the bad in life. This is something that I have to constantly remind myself not to get caught up in, especially when I can so easily see how much good is flowing all around me.

I started thinking about this again in the last few days. After a fantastic weekend working on my new project, I was feeling tired but good that overall things had gone well. Then, by the hand of lightning (literally), my modem decided to give up the ghost. Without a wireless connection and not looking forward to trying to finesse my smartphone into doing all the goodthingslittle things that are simpler on the computer, I threw up my hands and decided to focus on writing until I could get back on. That was just one of the little things that tried to ‘annoy my soul’ as Barbadians would say and honestly, I didn’t handle them all as well as I could have. Finally, after another morning of some self-inflicted misery, I got some totally unexpected good news which made me feel a little embarrassed at how I’d behaved when other things didn’t quite go my way.

goodthings2The point? We always have to remember that good things are coming and often, they’re already there. We have to try not to give into frustration the minute situations go awry and must always strive to be better than the best us, we can be :).



I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week :). This post will return to its regular day next week and for more titbits like this, search using the keywords Monday Insights.

2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Tuesday Edition

  1. Positivity, positivity, positivity! 🙂 Your blogs always help me to focus on the positive, something I’ve been struggling with lately.

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