Random Wednedays: Halloween Festivities Begin

blood1Hello my lovelies! I hope you’re all doing very well and if not you’re in for a bit of a treat. After spending most of the day location scouting for an upcoming shoot, I decided to dig around in some of my early works. Why? Just for the sake of it ^_^. However, I was rewarded as I came across a favourite character from back in the day and, in the spirit of October and all things Halloween, here’s a little snippet from my devilishly intriguing Racana:


blood2~ Nightfall approaches fast. Darkening the streets once bright and alive with life. These streets will soon be filled with the smell of blood and death. I sometimes like the smell, if I am doing the killing. I like my victims to feel pain. The pain their victims feel when the shadow hovers to take their virtue or when a shot is fired and innocence is lost, in these streets of death, this world of death. Where evil never sleeps. So no, I feel no pain or regret. I feel contented, happiness even; the bad seeds of this race deserve to die. ~



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