Monday Insights: Underdog? Chin Up!

Underdog didn't let adversity stop him from being awesome!
Underdog didn’t let adversity stop him from being awesome!

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like the underdog. To think that others are always one step ahead. We feel jaded and wonder to ourselves ‘is there really a point to continuing on?’.

I must be like a broken record on the subject, but I truly do believe that hard work, determination, believing in ourselves and a little bit of luck wins the race. It’s important to stop looking at others and where they are down the line and focus on your own training regimen. You might think that they’re ahead, but look again . . .

headinthegameIt could be that they’re training for a different event entirely and meanwhile as you wonder how you can overtake them on your way to the finish line, the referee’s blowing the whistle for you to get off his field — you’re in the wrong place. Okay so maybe I mixed and matched a few sports, the point is this: We have to do what we do diligently and to the best of our abilities. Even if in the beginning, or even halfway through we still feel like we’re coming up empty, we have to put those thoughts aside and focus. The celebration is coming :).



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