Jackie Reveals: My First Kiss

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What was yours like? Mine was horrible. I was 12 and he was a little older and more experienced in the art of tongue mingling and, it showed. Let me give you a bit of background before continuing. Here in Barbados, the soap opera Days of our Lives is a big deal. It doesn’t matter that we’re years behind – I think we’re still streaming the ’90s episodes – thousands still sit every evening to catch the latest with Stefano, Marlena, John, etc. I’m not one of them, though sometimes when the moon is blue, I do get sucked into the Bajan – another word for Barbadian – crazy and catch a few episodes. When I was a much younger, you know, around the time of first kisses, the show was still something that was a constant in my household.

We all wanted to grow up too fast.
We all wanted to grow up too fast.

Okay, let’s cut to the post office steps. No, not in front of tons of people, there were (were? not sure if it’s still that way) these steps at the back of the post office and a kind of open area as well, where people would rest a bit after long days in town or, for whatever reason. On that bright day, in my yellow dress – yes I remember exactly what it looked like – I stood talking, laughing and pretending to be older than I was, with the boyfriend at the time. When I look back on it, he really had no right trying to kiss, talk or anything with me in the first place considering his age, but I digress. Onto the disaster kiss.

kiss2When he finally leaned in and my stomach started to flutter even more than it already had been, when I could feel him close enough that his lips were about to touch mine, I parted mine, opened wide and swallowed him whole. Okay, maybe it wasn’t his entire body, but I probably did get a good chunk of his head in there. I’m still kidding, but not by much. You see, I copied what I’d seen on Days and the way it always looked to me, was as if the actors opened their mouths so damn wide, so of course I assumed that’s how kissing was supposed to be. What made this foul up worse, was that he started to laugh. It wasn’t mean laughter I’ll give him that, but he obviously found my naiveté a little less cute and a lot more funny. For some years after that, I was terrified of kissing, I’d give quick pecks, etc, but I always felt I was going to swallow another person and this time, maybe I’d be charged for it.

Yup, can't have this happening again ^_^.
Yup, can’t have this happening again ^_^.

What I learnt

1) How to laugh at myself in embarrassing situations.

2) How to kiss.


8 thoughts on “Jackie Reveals: My First Kiss

  1. My first real kiss? Gad, 12 perhaps. I don’t think I was impressed, neither was he I suspect. Older boy, big football hero, stupid boy. But then, they were all stupid boys.

    History plays forward, I was a bit of a wild child. Given my history could be nothing else.

  2. This was such a fun post, Jackie!

    I’m not sure what to count as my first kiss. I have to admit, I was a bit of a handful as a child. I tackled and kissed a boy in first grade just to torment him a little for making fun of me… but that hardly seems like a “real” first kiss. I was between 8 and 10 the first time a boy stuck his tongue in my mouth. My parents had divorced, and Mom, brother and I moved into an apartment in town. There was not much supervision over me then, and I picked up a lot of bad habit… swearing, smoking, drinking… and apparently French kissing, although I wasn’t too impressed with it at the time. I can’t even remember the boy’s name.

    Fortunately, I met other boys, later on in life, that did a much better job of it! 😉

    1. Well I’ll be damned, I picked up drinking and smoking much later – probably to cover up my fear of kissing lolols! I no longer smoke by the way.

      Thanks for sharing a little about you too Laura, was interesting reading :).

  3. Hahahaha!! NO!! I was 14…I know who it was with, just don’t remember our actual first kiss lol 😛

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