Friday Highlights 20

Hey readers! We’ve hit another great mark in the Friday Highlights series, and as I did when ‘number 10’ rolled around, here’s a quick review of those bloggers featured in the last weeks :).

fireworks5‘The Daily Post’, D’Andre Skeete ‘Deli-Licious Secrets’, ‘Ian D. Wade’, ‘Rarasaur’, PJ Hodge ‘Freaky Folk Tales’, ‘Richard Stephenson’, ‘Kaye Dacus’ & Carol Tice ‘Make A fireworks6Living Writing’. Look out for a new, exciting blogger next week :).


For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised :).



1) First let me apologise about The Pirates of Vampire Island book review video, not being available last weekend as I said it would be. Circumstances beyond my control prevented it. Here it is:

2) Editing has been a major priority this week, so I’ve done lots of that on the new YAntasy.

3) I Entered the ‘Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award’ so will see how that goes. Anyone else who’s interested in entering, remember submission time closes on January 27, 2013. All the best :D!

4) In the coming days, I hope to complete the third edit and, take a moment away before the read through, to continue with the dark fantasy. I find it’s often good to clear your head when you’ve been staring at the same project for a while.


Remember you can still check out Caribbean Dos and Don’ts ‘here’. Readers, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others. See you soon :).