Friday Highlights 10

Wow, number 10 already!

In light of this, I wanted to do something special and list all those bloggers who’ve been featured in the last weeks. They are:

Patrick Latter: ‘Canadian Hiking Photography’ , Anil Balan: ‘Ghost Cities’ , Deborah Bryan: ‘The Monster in Your Closet’ , Lord David Prosser: ‘Bartsetshire Diaries’ , Clare Davidson: ‘Clare Davidson’ , Maria Tatham: ‘Christian Fantasy For Women’ , Evan Matthew Sanders: ‘The Better Man Project’, Kate Policani: ‘Kate Policani’ & Khoa & Michelle: ‘You, Me And A Tanuki’

If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out :).


For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised :).



 1) Working on NaNoWriMo. Well, I really should say I’m working on a new book, which coincides nicely with November’s writing challenge. How’s it going? Not bad, but I’ll have a better view of things in about a week ^-^.
2) I was successful with my voice audition :D, so am I a professional actress now? Lol! Far from, but, it’s cool to be able to hone a talent that sat on the back-burner for years :).


That’s all for now, drop by next Friday for a brand new blogger and don’t forget to check out the latest Caribbean Don’t ‘here’. Have safe and happy weekends and share the good vibes with others ^-^. See you Monday :D!

6 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 10

  1. Congrats on the voice audition and continued best of luck on the Nano! Keep on keeping on. P.S. I like the idea of snippets.

    1. And with two of my regular readers on the bandwagon, I have to give in lol. Okay, next week I’ll reveal a bit ^-^.

      Thanks for the continued support Kim, I have to make a stop over at your blog and catch myself up very soon :).

  2. Happy Deciversary! (that may or may not be a word, don’t judge me) Hurray for NaNoWriMo – (whenever I hear that I think of tiny little nanobots furiously typing novels) – You’ll do great! Do we get to see little snippets of your piece? *crosses fingers*

    1. Thanks! I don’t think you’re too far off with the nanobots idea either — many writers involved in this probably feel the same way lol.

      You’ve given me something to think about; a snippet could be possible ^-^.

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