Random Wednesdays: Get That Man A Tissue

Welcome to the first installment of Random Wednesdays, aptly named because my midweek posts usually cover a range of topics. From entertainment, to social issues, to food — expect that anything can happen ^-^.

Sam, Dean & Castiel.

This week I want to briefly ask someone, anyone, to hand Sam Winchester a tiny violin, or at the very least, a tissue . What am I talking about?

I’ve loved the series Supernatural from its inception and, though I agreed with some that it could have ended its run at season 6, I continue to be a diehard fan. However, the character Sam is perpetually sad, or distressed, or at odds with the job he and his brother Dean are destined to do — hunt assorted supernatural beings.  (Check out a recent clip below.)

Fans of Sam, don’t come at me with pitchforks, I don’t hate the character. I just wonder if this late in the game (season 8), shouldn’t he be finally coming to terms with it?


What do you guys think? I look forward to your comments and I’ll see you Friday :).