Monday Insights

 Anger is a part of life. Little things others say or do, situations we feel are insurmountable; getting up on the wrong side of the bed, are all reasons that can contribute to our anger.

Don’t feel too bad when that familiar fire surges through your veins and the first thing you feel like doing is starting up a screaming match — we’re all human. However, work on ignoring the surge, on pushing it aside in favour of other means of getting what you want. Speaking calmly to the object of your rage or, breathing exercises until the initial feeling passes. In focusing on whatever works to calm us down, we can divert future pain and hurt. It doesn’t mean we still can’t deal with the issues head on, it just means that this way, we’ll do it minus a crowbar ^-^.


Have happy, anger-free days lovely readers and, I’ll see you Wednesday :).