Rejection: “My Plans Are Foiled!”

Fine, I’ll cut myself in half and get into two slices instead.

Rejection can be like a well-aimed kick in the face. No matter what form it comes in, and even if we don’t care about the situation or thing that much, we still feel a pang of some kind of (usually negative) emotion.

When we’ve had those seconds, or maybe minutes (don’t let it turn into hours, days or longer) to recover from the reeling sensation of disappointment, hurt or *insert emotion here*, everyone stop, breathe and move onto the next one.

In some cases, we must make our own way, in others, our right fit, is simply waiting behind another unopened door.

Wednesday Video Bonus: One of the best songs to accompany this post, enjoy guys :).

Lovely, lovely people, have amazing Wednesdays and, what are your feelings on rejection?

5 thoughts on “Rejection: “My Plans Are Foiled!”

  1. What do I feel about rejection, Jackie? That it’s going to happen. It’s happened before, but I can’t walk around with your arms up, warding it off. With the Lord’s help, I try to experience the feeling, because it’s part of life, without letting it the rejection really harm me. With His help, I try to be sensitive, too, to the subtle ways in which I reject others.
    Happy Wednesday? Hope yours was! Happy happy weekend, productive and kind and good!

    1. This: ‘Itโ€™s happened before, but I canโ€™t walk around with your arms up, warding it off.’ Exactly that statement, in fact all of what you said and it’s funny, we don’t really think about the fact that we reject others for various reasons almost daily. Thanks for that little bit of insight.

      My Wednesday was great, enjoy your weekend Maria :)!

  2. I’m guessing you’re talking about professional rejection, but mentally, I instantly go to men when I hear ‘rejection’. Suppose it works the same way… It sometimes helps me to remind myself that no one can be everything to all people – just because that guy (or that publisher) has no interest, doesn’t mean the product is bad!

    1. Professionally yes, but it extends to all forms. We feel personal rejection most I think, because that’s just closer to home, as if our personalities are being attacked on some subtle level.

      I just feel like we need a reminder every now and then of exactly this: ‘just because that guy (or that publisher) has no interest, doesnโ€™t mean the product is bad!’ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Kate, your follow is greatly appreciated :).

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