Kate Policani’s: ‘The Lustre’

I’ve been so very busy and thus a complete flake with regard to blogging of late. However, the next few posts have little to do with me. A fellow blogger Kate Policani is revealing her new book ‘The Lustre’ via a virtual launch party which began yesterday and continues today and Saturday. Show your welcomed support!


Kate Policani is a homemaker and compulsive writer from Seattle. She has a wild imagination and an addiction to reading and writing. Her hobby is exploring and analyzing all kinds of stories. She uses them like a literary chemistry set to examine a variety ideas and concepts and to fuel her own writing. The Science Fiction and Fantasy genres are her favorites because the exciting flights of fancy make a thrilling plot. Every day is filled with the stories of those around us, especially in this information age. It is her passion to find what stories inspire her and others, and why they inspire. There are more than 80 stories waiting on her hard drive, incubating and developing for future reading! What will she come up with next?

The Lustre Synopsis:

Hidden within Human society is an entrancing race of beings who look just like us. They are the Akataromai. Originating on Earth, they conceal themselves, blending within the Human population. Though they appear to be Human, mature Akataromai live for centuries and feed upon negative Human emotions. Angelina Quorra is an Akataromai, a Human-looking girl who might never die. But Angelina is unique among her people, absorbing pain as well as emotion and giving anyone who feeds her overwhelming pleasure. This is her story, told by the men who adore her. Her talent is called The Lustre, bringing her great fame, and great trouble.


Kindle: http://amzn.to/zht8ne

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/FPkU76

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/yO0T1x

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