Happy Holidays With Progress In Tow…

Is everyone having a wonderful holiday season? Even if you don’t celebrate, here’s to *clinks glass* a few days of rest and relaxation, good food and people you love all around you.

I’d said I wouldn’t post until I’d gotten past chapter 12 and I’ve simultaneously done that and haven’t done it. Let me explain. I thought I’d finished the chapter, but when I went back, I realised I’d actually only done about a quarter worth its weight in words. So, while I did get to typing today, it was in fact to finish that chapter and thus, now I’m onto chapter 13.

Part of me is kind of glad that I hadn’t finished the chapter, as it’s one that is of great importance to me, though I only realised that today. As I typed and my characters got on with their business, I saw that I have to go back to previous chapters and make even more changes. I said this in an earlier post I believe, but here I go again: While it’s tiresome to have to retrace steps and change things in older chapters, I also can’t help feeling remarkably excited about the action, because it means the story is just going to be better by the time it reaches the end.

I’ll do more writing today, but later, as I’ve been charged with attending a holiday lunch (though I’m thinking at the rate I’m going it might turn into dinner), with my OSCTBS friend and her family. At this very moment I feel like just continuing to tap away, watching words flow onto screen, but, as I often give up on outings for words, I’ve decided to tuck ideas away for now and take the time to brave the roads — as there is the possibility that they will be busy and enjoy myself.

By the way, me ‘tucking ideas away’ means that I’m either going to formulate entire plots in such detail that I generally don’t forget them when I’m ready to write, or, more typing’s involved. In the case of the latter, I spill my guts to page in a blur of sometimes haphazardly crafted sentences, that allow all the ideas I want to work with, or that I’m considering, to have their own place in the world of my virtual notepad, so I can later put it all together so it makes sense to well…everyone else.

Enjoy the rest of the season and I hope that you too are able to make substantial progress, with whatever it is you may be working on.