Don’t Put Things Off…

I’m on vacation from my regular job and as such, I’m trying to get as many things done book wise as I can. Yes, vacation and more work don’t quite belong in the same sentence, but they do when you’re trying to get ahead. In trying to get some book stuff done, I pushed back some left over work (for the regular job) and had to get cracking on it today.

Imagine my complete elation (sarcasm) when the electricity decided to go off, leaving me staring at my desktop’s black screen. I turned my laptop on which is a 2008 mac and as such doesn’t have great battery power, thinking I’d be able to at least get the assignments for work done — turns out that the wireless was apparently not working either!

I’ll admit that between my breakfast egg sandwich and kicking myself for not having done my work earlier — I managed to let the hour slip by until the electricity came back on. Note to self and anyone reading — Don’t put things off!

Now all that’s over, I can get back to cracking on my actual book work — the real love of my papery life.

My intentions today are to get as much of the re-formatting of the manuscript over with. I did 7 or 8 chapters yesterday (don’t remember which) and I’ve 20 in all. The math is daunting. By the way, having to re-format this now I have a better idea of how I’m supposed to do so, has made it certain that I won’t be writing another work in any other format again. It just takes so much time having to go over it and change all the little details of the format, that if I’d just done it initially, I wouldn’t have to now. I’m so ‘traumatised’ in fact, that when I glaze over other works, I’ve started re-formatting them as well, so when I’m ready to work on them/shop them, they’ll be squeaky clean and ready to go.

Anyway, I’ve lost enough time today as it is…manuscript, I’m coming to get you!